Reflective Gateways Park, Wild Life & Land Preservation 

Body Ecology Life Sciences Attunement Center 
            1064 Henry Brandon Road Ext
              Alton, VA 24520                  (336)273.7406


Our priority is to honor nature and wild life and technology bridges.

Preserving natural resources like our natural springs and Eco systems are vital.

Our mission is to educate our community, through the use of top of the line resources and materials  as to the value of living a creative life with a nature influence in addition to health, leadership and plant based foods while expanding our outreach through  magazines, camps, café, retreat center and device apps related. While we honor all walks of life and because we have over 40 acres dedicated to our wild life & land preservation.


Contributions will  be placed toward up keep of hiking trails and the building of our reflective gate ways community center on our 200 acres of land with a professional building team. Soon after completion of the community center we will begin enrolling for classes and scheduling outreach programs in the community such as our produce 2 table program that focuses on making delicious cuisine from fresh produce in addition to a creative nature influenced art gallery featuring local artists in addition to nature art projects and story telling.  We will be able to create an education center and use resources for scholarship and expanding outreach with professional teams to assist in technological advancements to increase appeal and engaged design.


Our directors consist of Artis Hinson who is a published author and founder of Body Ecology Life Sciences Attunement Center, a plant based food advocate and an herbalist for over 40 years. Chief executive officer Kenita Gordon Hinson is a published author of plant based recipe books, Army veteran, and recipient of a healthy meal planning certificate from Harvard. We also acknowledge our partnership with VIYC which is a 501 c 3  organization. Our BELSAC Reflective Gateways park and wild life and land preservation  is a non-profit organization as well.

Artis Hinson

Chief Officer/OWNER
Since 1995, Artis has fostered the growth of reflective gateways and continues to nurture its growth as owner and director in chief.

Kenita Gordon Hinson


Kenita assists in creating delicious gourmet fresh vegan foods, while providing technical support for media, production and creative assisting direction of reflective gateways.

[email protected]


501 C 3 Branch
An operating branch that ensures all contributions are tax deductible and responsible.
       To donate send via  pay pal:
              [email protected]
          Phone  336.273.7406
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